Make friends with the monster

As a writer:

I have published books to excite and titillate.

I have written words that can make you laugh and cry.

As a relationship coach:

I am reaching out to those of you who may be having a problem with their relationships.

Let's narrow this down. I am talking about the big relationship in all relationships. That is the relationship you have with yourself.

You may be thinking that sounds odd, but if you have ever wondered why things aren't working for you:

Maybe you can't keep a relationship going with someone.

Maybe it isn't what you are doing, but maybe it is what you aren't doing.

You aren't putting yourself FIRST.

Let's Talk. Sign up for my e-mail list and leave a phone number. I'd love to talk to you.  

I wrote a book several years ago, in an effort to exorcise my own monsters.  

During my exorcism, I learned a lot about myself.  
  • I am strong
  • I am resilient
  • I have faith
  • I am worthy of being loved
  • I know how to love
  • I deserve to be loved
Being a victim does not make me or anyone else a loser.  Being a victim should not cause us to lose our self-esteem.

Being a victim means that we survived and we are victorious.  

  • The victim is a survivor
  • The victim becomes the victor
  • The victim has a strength
If you feel like a victim, if you have ever been a victim, then you need to speak out.

Many men, women, and children are victims of their families, friends, and community.

Speak out, and we will find answers together.

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I'm Looking For Someone To Love Me

How many times have we told ourselves that we just wanted someone to love us?  I know I used to think that way.   I thought that if I had someone in my life that would love me, then I would be complete.  Maybe it was the era in which I grew up.  Maybe it is what we learn from the television we watch.  People always seem to be happier when they are in love.

When did we start teaching our children that we had to be loved, and not that we had to love ourselves?  Is the love of oneself a taboo now? 

When my husband and I first met, he was forever asking me to go out with him.  He wasn't happy with the women he was dating.  They all just wanted something out of him.  I think maybe they were desperate to find someone to love them, and he was someone who needed to be needed.

I was learning that I didn't need anyone.  I only needed to be able to take care of myself.

I was also becoming a better mother on my road to self-discovery.

But...back to my thoughts.  I kept telling him that he wasn't ready for me yet.  In my heart, I knew that he needed to know that he was okay, too.  

One day we were talking on the phone.  We hadn't met in person and I hadn't even seen a picture of him, nor he I.  We met on the internet, which back then was a huge no-no.  It was almost two years since we had first said hello.

I had learned to like this man who had become my friend.  I had learned to like his voice and to feel comfortable with him.  I had learned to TRUST him.  

I sent a picture of myself to him and he didn't answer back for a while.  

I didn't feel bad that he was disappointed, I knew that he had probably stepped away from the computer, or he just didn't know what to say. 

The next day, he sent me a picture of himself.  Here was this normal man, with a bit of a pot belly, hugging two young children.

I had to laugh.

That was the moment when I realized I really liked this man.

I knew that I was able to just be friends with someone.  I knew that I didn't need him in my life, but that I wanted him there.

He knew that he wanted me in his life and he didn't need to have just any woman.  He wanted a person in his life to sharethe ups and the downs and to love him for him.  It was all I wanted.

Six weeks later, we joined our lives and have been together for over two decades now.  We still respect each other, and we know that we don't need each other, but we want to be together.  We like being together, and we share everything.  I don't want to ever lose him, but I could go on, and it is the same for him.

We all need to be able to be alone in order to be together.  If you have something stopping you from finding the person that is most important to you, maybe it is because you haven't found you, yet.  

Let's talk.  Maybe together, we can find the 'you'  that is who you need to love.  Once you embrace that person, maybe then you will find the person that can be your partner in life.

Like and love yourself,

Sherry A


Too many times we sit down and not allow ourselves to be seen.  We are afraid of those that see us as victims.  We are afraid of those who think we have done wrong.  Why?  Why?  It is time to stand up to those who don't understand and look at ourselves as the victors and not the victims of child abuse, spousal abuse, elder abuse, or any abuse.


I am a writer, and people see the head shot on my website.  They don't put a body to that face.  Too many people tell me I'm not the one in the picture.  I don't always have make-up on, my hair done, and dressed in fancy clothing.  I just tell them to accept me as I am.  We all need to be accepted as we are and loved for who we are.


I was raped by my ex-husband.  I was in turmoil and always wondering what his next move would be.  I stayed to protect my children.  Then they became the victims.  We are survivors.  Let me help you with your turmoil.  Maybe together we can all become survivors and show our faces to the world.

Inner reflection and personal meditation


I kept my secrets hidden for years, out of shame, and out of guilt.  I spent two hours with Sherry and I am able to be around people and laugh with my partner, again.                      Monique


I never told anyone about my shame, but after ten minutes talking to Sherry, I couldn't stop spilling my guts.  She is such a comforting presence, and she gave me the power within to look people in the eyes again.



I came in petrified as to what she was going to do.  She made me laugh and then we cried.  She listened and she knew what I had been through, without saying the words.  


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